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About us

Les & Lis is a nice family tradition.

Big and generous, honest and free – that is our restaurant. You always feel a home like-style cozy atmosphere there, but at the same time you are excited like in a trip. Every person is our welcomed guest and there are favorite dishes for everybody.

Outside it is a huge mansion in coniferous forest. Inside it is a spacious and comfortable house in the style of eco-chic. There is a book collection, floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of wood and sunlight. Colorful details of the interior are designer’s fantasy for your inspiration. Everything here breathes the freedom and the love of life.

Our house’s soul is its kitchen. Only here you may taste Lebanese tabbouleh, spicy Moroccan salad, Mexican guacamole, bourekas and Palestinian babaganoush, which have already become cult. Our dishes are bright flavour of sunny Mediterranean and Middle east.

There are lots of greenery, vegetables, fruit, and spicery in our dishes. Every dish has its own history, e.g. Palestinian dessert “Kanafeh” is over 2000 years old, and “Hummus” was given to Egyptian pharaohs.

Les & Lis likes children. There is everything for them here. We have got a playroom, where kind babysitter Mary Poppins is waiting for your children. She knows many games and nobody leaves her without handicraft. Every Sunday we organize master classes for young chefs. And, of course, the funniest birthdays are in Les & Lis.

There are wooden cabins and barbecue set on a summer terrace. We make fruit and berry lemonade and, of course, seasonal menu. It is a genuine oasis on a hot day. At nights you can watch films in the open air, drink your favorite cocktail or listen to the sound of pine trees.

Meeting in Les & Lis is a nice family tradition. It is a tradition to spend time with people you love. Romantic and family dinners, noisy friendly parties, birthdays, children’s events, and, of course, weddings – everything will be perfect in our house.

Let’s start your family tradition in Les & Lis.