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Children’s room with a nanny

the most children’s room
among the Belgorod restaurants

Booking children's party

Children – are our little fidgets, who take almost all our free time. But what can you do if you want to spend a weekend day with your cherished child next to you? Les & Lis knows the answer!

While parents are enjoying different drinks, exquisite cuisine, and a comfortable atmosphere of our restaurant, their children are having fun with the other children. That is the way! Our restaurant Les & Lis has a playroom, where we do not only play with your children, but also teach them something interesting and new. All our babysitters are qualified teachers, who can get through to any child.

Children birthdays

To celebrate your child’s birthday as fun as it can be, we have prepared programs with animators, who can captivate birthday child and his guests with funny games.



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